Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship


People and services designed to serve efficiently and take your business beyond.

Customer Service

With the advent of social networks, the Customer Service went from 1.0 (voice) to 2.0.

This transformation has been increasingly present as customers become multi-channel

through mobile devices, giving rise to a new generation, providing personalization,

customization and immediacy.

An Integrated 3.0 Client Service brings the following benefits to your business:

• Greater convenience for your customer as we serve him where he is.

• Telecom costs reduction.

• Increased productivity (+ 4 times).



The multi-channel and use of third platform solutions (Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud), integrated with sales centers, help leverage sales results in best method of dialing and in the interaction and integration with web-based portals and calls.

Our contact centers were evaluated by type of operation by the largest contractors in the country according to four criteria: price (cost-benefit), quality, scalability and service. In addition, we are recognized as the contact center best evaluated in the segment Active Sales Operation by Consumidor Moderno Award.


Back Office

Complaints or complex requests require specialized care. Through a multidisciplinary team, workflow tools and Big Data, we work solving Back Office cases in greater depth, finding and treating the solutions at its root cause, so they tend to decrease.

Differentials to reduce the number of Back Office:

• Multidisciplinary team;

• Market methodologies;

• Innovation as DNA;

• Integration of ICT and BPO;

• Root Cause Analysis;

• Discipline in executing changes;

• Differentiated management model;

• Answering cases through the most convenient channel;

• Improvements in Front Office and Customer Supply Chain;

• Business models and variable contracts.



Algar Tech, with its experience in service, technology and Digital Business, specialized its Telecollection and Credit Advice operations, bringing significant results for various industries. The differentiated services are:

  • Mailing cleaning and enrichment;
  • Statistical models (Scoring and Big Data) for dial strategies;
  • Workforce and Integrated Dialers;
  • Back Office System and Dashboard for operational management;
  • Professionals specialized in billing;
  • Differentiated management model with aggressive goals in credit recovery.


Multichannel Service

Integrated service with different channels to relate with your customer at any time.

Voice, web, social media, instant messengers, applications for mobile, SMS, chat and more. With our multichannel service, you offer several points of contact, provides greater convenience and can be connected all the time with your client.

You manage requests and complaints more quickly and efficiently, and serve a larger number of clients with integrated vision in a shorter period.